Friday, October 5, 2012

recap: cooking for the grind and what's on deck

Happy Friday everyone!

Last night was our first cooking session for The Grind this semester, and we agreed that it was the biggest turnout we've ever had. Thanks to everyone who came to help out! Everything turned out deliciously, and hopefully all Grind attendees will find something suitable for their bellies and palates. And considering how sick I felt leaving last's likely. Good work, team.

Come check out The Grind tonight for a taste of what's leftover! (...hurry.)

roasted pumpkin --> pumpkin puree --> pumpkin cookies
roasted pumpkin seeds (now living in dark chocolate salted bark)
cappuccino muffin crafting

Don't forget that Sunday, we've got another potluck coming up! This week's theme is "brinner" (breakfast for dinner!), so bring your mom's cheesiest egg mystery casserole or your favorite pancake recipe and prepare for a meal worthy of kings. And...kings probably like pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Just sayin'.

where: The Waysmeet Center, Durham, NH (right next to Mil Road Plaza)
when: 5pm-ish until the food's gone
why: because we're hungry!

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