Sunday, October 14, 2012

a dessert case love affair and what's on deck

An aside: I am slightly/moderately/extremely obsessed with beautiful dessert displays. I swoon at arftul confections and shamelessly stare into bakery windows, dreaming of the day when my frosting flowers will look distinguishable from blobs. At cafes, encased in glass and wearing their Sunday best, they bat their pretty little eyelashes at you begging to marry the beverage you order. Meanwhile, you drool at them and contemplate demolishing (sorry, uhh, savoring...and appreciating...and slow things...) a heroic assortment of them. The exchange ends once you decide to stop holding up the line, grab your camera, and crouch down to pay homage to even the lowest shelf, perpetually unnoticed by line-dwellers.

No? Well. Welcome to my brain in a bakeshop.

Courtesy of Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth. With stupid cute signs to boot.

In the real world where pastries don't have eyelashes, you can come to our next meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at 6pm. We'll talk about food and stuff and discuss what we thinking about going gluten-free just for kicks. Bring your opinions!

Also, for this Friday the 19th, get your $3 ticket to a 3-course meal at Young's for an awesome fundraiser. Check it out, facebookers:

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