Friday, November 9, 2012

the grind, the up-and-coming

Behold: The delicious treats of the November Grind, brought to you by Slow Food!

Vegan mocha cookies, pumpkin marshmallow fudge goop, spicy chocolate graham cracker bark, meringues, samoa brownies and carrot fries all made the menu this month.

Our next event is this Sunday, November 11th at the Waysmeet center. We will be tackling the Waysmeet Community Kitchen as a huge cleaning and organizing project from 2:30pm onward, with a pancake intermission around 5pm. Bring your favorite pancake toppings and an eager cleaning spirit for a fun afternoon of giving back to the place that gives us so much.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

meeting tonight!

Howdy y'all. Hope you enjoyed a safe and dry long weekend. We will be meeting tonight (6-7pm in the MUB Entertainment Center) to discuss ideas for a Cornucopia Benefit/Food Drive, get ready to prepare our Grind offerings, and get pumped for Sunday's French themed potluck! :)

See you there!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

food day! + what's on deck

Food Day is tomorrow everyone! Celebrate good, clean and fair food by attending Equal Exchange: A Radical Model for Food, Farming, and Business. Co-founder of Equal ExchangRob Everts will be speaking, and fair trade goodies such as coffee and chocolate will be offered before and after the lecture. The Fair Trade CafĂ© start at 2:30pm and the lecture begins at 4:00. Check the link for more details! 

Afterwards, head on down to the MUB Entertainment Center for our weekly meeting, 6pm-7pm. No judgement if your pockets are stuffed with chocolate (as long as you share). 

How will you celebrate food day?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a dessert case love affair and what's on deck

An aside: I am slightly/moderately/extremely obsessed with beautiful dessert displays. I swoon at arftul confections and shamelessly stare into bakery windows, dreaming of the day when my frosting flowers will look distinguishable from blobs. At cafes, encased in glass and wearing their Sunday best, they bat their pretty little eyelashes at you begging to marry the beverage you order. Meanwhile, you drool at them and contemplate demolishing (sorry, uhh, savoring...and appreciating...and slow things...) a heroic assortment of them. The exchange ends once you decide to stop holding up the line, grab your camera, and crouch down to pay homage to even the lowest shelf, perpetually unnoticed by line-dwellers.

No? Well. Welcome to my brain in a bakeshop.

Courtesy of Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth. With stupid cute signs to boot.

In the real world where pastries don't have eyelashes, you can come to our next meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at 6pm. We'll talk about food and stuff and discuss what we thinking about going gluten-free just for kicks. Bring your opinions!

Also, for this Friday the 19th, get your $3 ticket to a 3-course meal at Young's for an awesome fundraiser. Check it out, facebookers:

Monday, October 8, 2012



Our Brinner potluck this past Sunday was small, but mighty! Apple coffeecake, maple almond granola clusters (w/ Cabot yogurt), cheesy veggie frittata, and gluten-free pancakes featuring VT maple syrup all hit the spot. 

Meeting coming up Wednesday 6pm-7pm in the MUB Entertainment Center. We have volunteering opportunities and banner-making for the Homecoming parade coming up, so come check it out if you're interested!

Friday, October 5, 2012

recap: cooking for the grind and what's on deck

Happy Friday everyone!

Last night was our first cooking session for The Grind this semester, and we agreed that it was the biggest turnout we've ever had. Thanks to everyone who came to help out! Everything turned out deliciously, and hopefully all Grind attendees will find something suitable for their bellies and palates. And considering how sick I felt leaving last's likely. Good work, team.

Come check out The Grind tonight for a taste of what's leftover! (...hurry.)

roasted pumpkin --> pumpkin puree --> pumpkin cookies
roasted pumpkin seeds (now living in dark chocolate salted bark)
cappuccino muffin crafting

Don't forget that Sunday, we've got another potluck coming up! This week's theme is "brinner" (breakfast for dinner!), so bring your mom's cheesiest egg mystery casserole or your favorite pancake recipe and prepare for a meal worthy of kings. And...kings probably like pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Just sayin'.

where: The Waysmeet Center, Durham, NH (right next to Mil Road Plaza)
when: 5pm-ish until the food's gone
why: because we're hungry!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

apple potluck and what's on deck

Tragedy struck the hearts of UNH slow-foodies today as the gloomy rain deterred our biking bootys from apple picking. A bummer to all, and an event that will hopefully be rescheduled! 

Regardless of the rain, our Waysmeet potluck was a hit. The theme was apples as planned and everyone did a fantastic job. Apple-dijon quesadillas, two types of soup, and two incredible desserts kept us occupied for a couple of hours with mugs of tea and cider. Next Sunday's theme is Brinner (breakfast for dinner!), so get creative with your breakfast favorites and bring them to Waysmeet at 5PM!

If Sunday won't give you your cooking fix (can I safely assume that it won't?) join us this Thursday for our first COOKING SESSION FOR THE GRIND!!!! (did anyone else notice this shout-out?) Come hang out in the kitchen at Young's Restaurant in downtown Durham to bake up some tasty treats for the monthly open mic put on by CAB.

when: Thursday Oct. 4th, 5-8PM
{The Grind is the Friday following, the 5th, at 8:30, MUB Entertainment Center}
where: Young's Restaurant, Durham, NH
- Cappuccino Muffins
- Pumpkin Seeds in Chocolate Bark with Salt Garnish (Salt Cellar, Portsmouth, NH)
- Vegan Chocolate Brownies with Carrots
- Kale Chips
- Pumpkin Cookies with Homemade Pumpkin Icing

As usual, our weekly meeting will be Wednesday from 6pm-7pm in the Entertainment Center. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

end-of-september events: apple picking and potluck

Howdy devoted readers! September for Slow Food is shaping up to be a very busy month. We collected a huge amount of recipe contributions for the cookbook from UNH students last Wednesday tabling at the Local Harvest Feast(s?), so thanks to everyone and keep 'em coming

This weekend, many of our group members will be volunteering at Seacoast Eat Local's Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner, an amazing fundraiser for the Heirloom Harvest Project put on by local chefs in the seacoast area. We're excited to be helping this great cause again (and hopefully sneaking a taste of what's cookin').

If you missed out on these opportunities, join us on Sunday, September 30th for our next two events: 

From 1PM-3PM, we will be biking to Demeritt Hill Farm (about two miles away from campus) for an apple picking adventure! Bring your bike, a bag, some bucks and your booty to the Wildcat Statue (outside of the Whit) at 1PM for a nice ride and a couple hours of eating/picking apples. 

Afterwards, head on over to Waysmeet for our late-September potluck! Theme is tentatively apples, so bring a dish or feel free to use the community kitchen for required slicing/dicing/peeling/mashing/saucing/pie-ing?/good times. We will be meeting and eating around 5PM. Join us for either or both events!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slow Food UNH Dining Hall Cookbook

Slow Food UNH Dining Hall Recipes/Creations
“The Slow Food UNH Dining Hall Cookbook: How to make more of your meal in the dining halls"

Slow Food UNH's goal is to create a cookbook with "recipes" that students and faculty have created in the dining halls using what the dining halls themselves provide.  This is the opportunity to share how to eat better in the UNH dining halls, showcasing how to combine, create, and concoct different foods to make an awesome dish; like making an orange julius with vanilla soft serve, orange juice and a little sprite, making an awesome salad, or taking the hot food served and adding other things to it to spice it up.

We are currently collecting submissions.  You can submit your own recipes via this form ( or find us tabling with forms at the University Day Picnic on the 13th, and on the 19th at all three of the Local Harvest Event meals in the dining halls; 7:30-9:30AM at Stillings, 11:30-1:30PM at Philbrook, and 4:30-7:30PM at Holloway Commons.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

picnic potluck recap

The Community Eat-In was a big success this evening! Many of the talented members of Slow Food UNH and the UNH community came bearing tasty summer goodies and hungry bellies. If you couldn't make it this weekend for some reason (free food > homework, y'all), check out the deliciousness you missed out on below.

{salad munchin', homemade bread slicin'}

{seasoned rice and home-grown tomatoes, spinach salad with warm maple dressing}

{herbs and greens with home-grown tomatoes and cukes}

{quinoa salad with black beans and corn}

{fruit salad}

{mediterranean pasta salad}

{caramelized bananas with local ice cream}

Thanks to everyone who came tonight, we hope to see you next time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Community Eat-In

Happy September!
Our first event of the semester is coming up this Sunday, September 9th at the Waysmeet Center in Durham. We will be hosting our bi-annual Community Eat-In from 5-7pm, a potluck for and by the community held to bring folks together over a delicious display of dishes and delicacies. As we strive to do with all of our potlucks, try to include at least one local or organic ingredient in your dish. Challenge yourself to think about what's local and seasonal and to celebrate what New England has to offer. Hope to see you there!
When: Sunday, September 9 2012, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Where: The Waysmeet Center
15 Mill Road 
Durham, NH 03824
What: cook summin' tasty and bring it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in the Groove

We're back to it and things are starting off strong!

This past Saturday was the Freshmen Jukebox.  We were in the center of union court doing "Pin the Udder on the UNH Organic Dairy Cow" and handing out chocolate milk and a cow-pie cookie to those who pined successfully!
Freshmen Jukebox Crowd Pinning the Udder
Freshmen Jukebox
Next up is our new member meeting on Wednesday from 5:30-6 in the Entertainment Center of the MUB and the group meeting after till 7.

Potluck dates are being solidified and will be posted soon, as will the first volunteering opportunity.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow Food in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

SF UNH member, Caroline, and community events committee leader, Margot, are in Costa Rica this summer enjoying plantains, rice, beans, yuca and other wonderful Costa Rican slow foods =)
On their travels in Puerto Viejo they came across some more slow food...
Margot (left) and Caroline (right) in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Wildcat Santa's Community Cookbook???

Found in May at a huge weekly yardsale on route 135 in Barrington, NH, a 12 year old UNH Community Cookbook was found!  Apparently there use to be a committee called "Wildcat Santa" which did all kinds of things, including put out a UNH cookbook with recipes from students, faculty, and community members.  This cookbook, put out in 2000, has 172 pages of recipes with a page of "Helpful Hints" before each section.  It is the start of our collection of cookbooks and will be available for anyone to peruse in our shared office next year, as well as to make photo copies of recipes in the MUB =)