Saturday, January 26, 2013

winter break eats

Welcome back to UNH! I hope winter break was full of nothing for all of you, and if it was something, that it was related to warmer places than the Northeast, or to good food. Preferably both.

There were no posts over break and it should be pretty clear why: we were too busy eating! Check out these photos for an idea of what our members have been up to since December:

hot-fudge sundae brownies with a scoop of whipped cream buttercream; candy cane m&m cookies (caroline robb)

left: escargot on risotto in dijon, france (dan winans)
right: blood sausage and bone marrow, brasstacks supper club, boston (andre ho)

zingerman's deli, ann arbor, mi
reuben at zingerman's deli, ann arbor, mi 

omelet and fruit salad at mellow yellow, hyde park, chicago

dimanche sausage; mochi; house-made doughnut w/confiture du lait (andre ho)

something tasty somewhere in france (theresa conn)

poached salmon; ribs; roasted chicken (george tilton)

Thanks to everyone who contributed their delicious photos. Our first meeting of the semester is this Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 6-7pm in the MUB entertainment center. We have lots of exciting news regarding the Dining Hall Cookbook project, the upcoming Grind, and planning semester events. See you there!

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